How Can I Prepare My Vehicle for Summer Towing?

Spring is here and if you're a lover of the great outdoors, you may be thinking about your summer vacation involving camping. If you're looking to tow a vehicle to a campsite, make sure you properly prepare it for the drive as not all vehicles can tow all types of campers.

For larger fifth wheel campers, you must have a pickup truck as the mount will be placed directly in the truck bed. This setup allows you to tow a heavier vehicle. Before you buy a fifth wheel, however, check your truck's towing capacity to ensure safety on the road.

Many SUVs also have towing capability. For these vehicles, it's also important that you have the proper hitch, which come in five different classes based on the weight of the towed vehicle. Generally, you'll need at least a Class 3 hitch, and possibly larger to tow campers.



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