Why Backup Cameras Are Good News

A backup camera lets you see behind your vehicle without your having to turn around. The camera provides a fuller field of view at the space in back of your trunk, particularly at or below the rear window. We here at Goodson Acura of Dallas can't say enough good things to recommend backup cameras, but the following are a few standout reasons we love this nifty auto safety gadget.

Backup Cameras in a Nutshell

A backup camera feeds video info to a monitor, often mounted in your car's cockpit. Occasionally the monitor is integrated into your rearview mirror. Aftermarket versions include a backup camera and a separate monitor you can mount in the most convenient and advantageous spot.

The backup camera's monitor usually has on-screen guides that help you keep your car centered and straight as you back up. Warning tones sound if you come close to driving over anything or crashing into something.

The Case for Aftermarket Backup Cameras

Aftermarket backup cameras have a surprising automatic benefit: they're usually wireless, communicating via Wi-Fi or a local network. Since they're wireless, you don't have to drill holes or string wires to install them. Drop by Goodson Acura of Dallas today to test drive your favorite vehicle and see how a backup camera actually works.



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