If you've ever felt left in the dark concerning oil changes, it is time to rejoice. We here at Goodson Acura of Dallas want you to be informed about the key differences between synthetic and conventional oil, and to know which is best for your vehicle's needs.

Synthetic oil is a type of oil specially formulated by scientists to accommodate vehicles and their needs. It is made to withstand extreme temperatures and offers optimal protection for engines.

Conventional oil is natural and drilled of the earth. It is used for the general lubrication of a vehicle's engine. It is often the least expensive option for an oil change, however, you will want to contact Goodson Acura of Dallas to ensure that your vehicle can thrive on conventional oil, as newer vehicles are often required by the manufacturer to use synthetic or synthetic blends.

All in all, synthetic oil and conventional oil are quite different and offer varying benefits. Drivers will want to make sure they consult with Goodson Acura of Dallas to ensure they are using the correct motor oil for their vehicle.


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