Also called performance tires, summer tires are the best for hot weather. These tires are made from soft rubber compounds and have larger tread blocks. These provide better handling for warmer roads. They provide better grip on wet and dry roads, while giving you the best cornering and braking features.

However, summer tires don't work well in colder climates with icy roads and snowy conditions. This is because they don't have the right tread and typically crack in frigid conditions. All-season tires don't work as well in either hot or winter climates, but they are long-lasting and can handle most dry, warm climates. However, they won't corner as well in colder temperatures.

While most new cars come with all-season tires, you may want to change your performance and opt for better tread. We have all the options available for new tires in Dallas. Stop by Goodson Acura of Dallas to get the best rates on tires and services.


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