If a tire blows out, the result could be a major accident. After all, a driver could lose control of the vehicle without a tire. Blowouts aren’t always unexpected, either. Often, the condition of the tires loudly proclaims the tires are long overdue for replacing.

Cracked side walls and dry rot indicate a tire is at high risk for a blow out soon. The web-like cracks indicate the rubber is ready to tear apart. As the tire expands while the vehicle drives, the cracks could lead to the tire exploding.

Yes, it is very important for Dallas drivers to stay on top of tire condition. Measuring the treads, being mindful of any signs of wheel misalignments, and looking at imperfections on the rubber must be a priority. Not periodically checking tires can lead to disaster.

When you need new tires or other types of service, Goodson Acura of Dallas is worth visiting. Our service department can help with many different maintenance requests.


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